Not Only Playing Mobile Legends, It Turns Out That Antimage Has This Expertise!

GridGames.ID – When you hear the name Antimage, you will immediately think of one of the Mobile Legends esports players in Indonesia.

Yep, Antimage is a pro player esports game Mobile Legends from the EVOS Legends team.

His ability to play Mobile Legends often makes him a role model for Mobile Legends players and fans.

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Prior to joining EVOS Legends, Antimage’s name was well known since he devoted himself to ONIC Esports since MPL ID Season 3.

At that time, the name ONIC Esports became one of the most difficult teams to beat.

This is evidenced by a series of ONIC Esports winning records until the team with the Yellow Hedgehog logo won MPL ID S3.

ONIC eSports won 1st place in MPL ID S3 (Antimage far right)

Amalia Septiani

ONIC eSports won 1st place in MPL ID S3 (Antimage far right)

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ONIC Esports’ victory at that time did not escape the results of Antimage’s hard struggle.

Investigate, Antimage has other abilities that make fans excited. Curious? Just check out the next page!


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