Not only Japan, Nintendo Switch supply in Europe and the US is also limited

Dozens of people waiting in line to get Nintendo Switch

Dozens of people waiting in line to get Nintendo Switch

GridGames.ID – Last week, reports emerged that the Nintendo Switch in Japan could be out of stock or low.

This can happen because of the Corona Virus which hampers the distribution process from China.

Now, the latest news suggests that Nintendo Switch stock limitations could occur in other regions.

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Launching from Bloomberg, Reportedly, the Nintendo Switch supply is limited in Vietnam.

Vietnam is where the Nintendo Switch is assembled, but gets parts from China.

With the limited distribution process, the Nintendo Switch assembly process in Vietnam will also be delayed.

In fact, Bloomberg said the supply of these components could be problematic until May 2022.

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Not only in Asia, the reduced supply of Nintendo Switch will cause new problems for the Americas and Europe.

The reason is, before the Corona Virus became an epidemic, the supply of Nintendo Switch in the United States and Europe was rapidly decreasing due to high demand.

Nintendo has finally acknowledged that they will be experiencing a shortage of Switch stocks over the next few weeks.

In fact, last week Nintendo assured consumers that there would be no supply disruptions for Nintendo Switch in America or Europe.

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For May and May 2022, Nintendo will be moving supplies from Asia to Europe and the United States.

So, Nintendo’s stock until May 2022 is relatively safe, but since May 2022, the Switch has the potential to experience shortages.

This means that the Corona Virus epidemic can disrupt the distribution of Nintendo Switch globally.


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