Not Only Gaming, Razer Headsets Can Save Gamers From Real Bullets!

A gamer just got another function from headset Razer brand other than for games, that is to save himself from being hacked stray bullet!


This event that may only happen once in a thousand years was experienced by a Reddit user with username Enough_Dance_956. It tells how headset the Razer brand could have avoided meeting an early death.

Reported fromi Gizmochina (5/4), this Reddit user said that there was a stray bullet that entered through his bedroom window and immediately hit the user’s head.

Fortunately, the bullet was blocked by headband from headphones, which is believed to be Razer Kraken the initial version, and swerved against the wall of his room. The stray bullet finally landed on the bed of the gamers. This incident itself occurred in California, United States.

source: Reddit Enough_Dance_956

After being investigated, the stray bullet is thought to have come from a block away from Enough_Dance_956’s house, which means that the bullet actually ‘strayed’ and wasn’t meant to hit the singer’s head. gamer.

Hello, everyone saw this. I tried to reach the Razer folks to thank them with all my heart. Wednesday morning at 10.30, a stray bullet went through the window and hit headphones Razer over my head. If not for headphones made with good quality, I was dead at the age of 18 years. I can’t even imagine the pain my family and friends are in,” wrote Enough_Dance_956 via his Reddit post.

Razer Kraken has such good quality that it can withstand bullets

In his Reddit post, Enough_Dance_956 also included a photo showing the damage done to headphones and his window.

Not to forget he also showed how the stray bullet hit the wall after bouncing off the bearing headset his, as well as the bullet itself.

source: Reddit Enough_Dance_956

From the picture, we can see that the bullet pierced and bore a hole soft cover from the Razer Kraken, but did not penetrate the user’s head because it was deflected by the metal inside of the head strap headset the Razer.

The Razer Kraken is often referred to as gaming headset the best Razer has ever produced. This is because the shape is very sturdy and has a bearing headband which is supported by a metal plate inside.

Can’t imagine what if the Razer Kraken was built with plastic construction. Maybe Enough_Dance_956 won’t be able to share this phenomenal story on Reddit.

Enough_Dance_956 also stated that Razer had contacted him and offered to replace headset who protected his life with headset new. However, he refused the offer and just wanted to thank Razer.

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