Not BLACKPINK! This Beautiful Girl Singer Bang Bang Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Are you curious about the singer who fills the soundtrack of Mobile Legends, entitled Bang-Bang?

Yep, since the latest update, when we arrived at the Mobile Legends game lobby, there was a K-Pop nuanced song with a thick EDM feel to accompany us in the game. in-game lobby.

If anyone has not heard the song, or not geeFirst, check the video below, guys.

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So, the next question is, who is the person who creates and sings the song? bang bang this?

The answer is Shorelle, a 12-year-old girl who was born in Italy and later grew up in England, to be precise in the City of London.

The beautiful owner of the Instagram account @itsshorelle does work as a musician.

Every day, he always spends time in the studio to compose new songs, especially K-Pop songs.

Then, how can Shorelle fill in the soundtrack of Mobile Legends and it is reported that she will be present in Indonesia?


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