[Nostalgimbot] The 5 most memorable things from winning eleven PSOne

As a player who gets to know it Games in the 90s, PSOne became one of the Gadgets “Dream” author (and most of the other children) because the price was still quite expensive back then. Playing at the PS rental becomes a routine on the weekend or after school when there is no homework. And a Games routinely played Winning eleven, also known as PES for the western version.

Can’t be denied feud Winning eleven and FIFA was not as strict then as it is now. The competition was won by Winning eleven definitely – at least when we did a survey about PS rentals. No wonder, because Style of play from Winning eleven nuanced arcade more fun than FIFA which is more of a simulation. Especially when you play it with friends at a PS rental.

Well, for those of you who are the same age as the writer, there are still five things you need to remember most while playing games Winning eleven on the following PSOne.

Know players save data in Memory card

Winning eleven

You certainly do not remember the times when there were capacities Memory card marked with blocks? Well, for that Eleven players win, have Winning Eleven saves data which fills one or more blocks Memory card it’s obligatory. What is inside?

Yes because Winning eleven is the Japanese version of SPE, then the names of the players displayed are of course still in Japanese. here save dataa is useful for changing the names of these players to the alphabet we all know. Apart from save data others like Master League teams.

In fact, the author still remembers that there was a magazine Games in Indonesia, which contains a list of almost all the names of the players in Indonesia Winning elevenso for player the “eager” ones, they change the names of the players in the game one by one with reference to the list. Or if you’re lazy, just stay Copy only save data that exist in Memory card belong to another player or to the landlord’s brother …

“Haram” tricks Wancu

As you read the words of the haram tricks, your mind will surely immediately focus on one trick. Yes, the keyboard shortcut L1 + X aka wancu (Bait one two I mean hehe). Pressing this key combination can make two players near the opponent’s penalty area very dangerous and make it easy for you to pass the enemy. And back then there was no trick that could really stop it!

When done with timed coordination precise use of two players with high speed and accuracy of passing statistics, tricks one two This increases your chances of getting past your opponent and scoring goals many times over. It is not surprising that this trick is forbidden and can irritate your opponent. First you both came to the PS rental, you could go home alone if you use this trick …

Roberto Carlos So stker only in Winning eleven

Everyone knows Roberto Carlos as one of the best full-backs of all time. Likewise in Winning eleven. Roberto Carlos has pretty complete statistics. Acceleration is good, he runs fast and his kicks are very quick and deadly.

Why not change the role in striker? And that was what the players from Winning Eleven first had in their heads and were ultimately able to actually implement. Only one disadvantage of Roberto Carlos when he is considered striker. Never give stomach bait ..

Jon Kabira’s uplifting voice

Who is Jon Kabira? He is the commentator who faithfully accompanies you every game Winning eleven classic. Kabira’s name became known in the western world, thanks to his distinctive voice, as he commented on the action in this game. Shuutoo! Wancu! are two words that you may remember. Everything was screamed to lighten our spirits in front of the small screen.

But do you know what Kabira’s job really is? He is a fairly famous presenter and radio announcer in Japan. He has also dubbed films in Japan several times, such as Shrek.

Games with local wisdom

In the days of the PSOne, duplicating pirated game CDs was pretty easy. As a result, many titles Winning eleven the “strange” and unofficial results of duplication and Modding done by para Modders. There is Winning eleven which contains only Indonesian league teams. There are also Winning eleven the typical Indonesian music used as shown below.

Winning eleven

only in Winning eleven classic, you can play ball with Inul Daratista while rocking dangdut!

How are you? Eleven players win? What storage do you know best when you play this game on PSOne or PS2 first?

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