Nostalgic Tomba Review 2: Kill bad pigs in a colorful world

Tomba 2: The Return of the Bad Pigs is Games Playstation One, which in my opinion is enough underrated. Even I myself would probably not know of its existence Games This when my school friends do not recommend it.

But after I played it for the first time Tomba 2 it is worth knowing more people. With its wide and colorful world and Style of playIt is unique Tomba 2 is a Games that offers a unique experience that you may find it difficult to find Games others still today.

Adventure in a colorful world

Tomba 2 tells the story of a cave / forest boy named Tomba. His main mission is to save his girlfriend Tabby, who was kidnapped by the bad pig. From a coastal area, he crosses different areas cursed by the magic of the pig and his minions. Your task is to find the pocket that seals these pigs, find the door they hide in, confront them and seal it in the pocket, and then the region will be freed from the curse one by one in the game. Quite easy.

I play Games That was when I was in elementary school and I will never forget my admiration Games This. As Games Playstation one, Tomba 2 is Games which is very nice.


All available areas have themes and feeling and this shows in its very strong visual presentation. From the coast you then come to a mining area near a volcano, then to an iceberg, then to an enchanted forest and so on. As a small child who is still innocent, I certainly feel at home in this varied area while playing and enjoying Tomba 2.

Music in Games that’s very cool too. Even today I still enjoy listening to some of the songs inside Games this, especially Dongin Forest when he was still under the curse.

Platformer with tons of content

Another one who surprised me Tomba 2 is very big and full of content.

Tomba 2 combine Platformer with a few very light RPG elements. On the way you can interact with almost all objects and NPCs you can meet. They give you hundreds of quests, many of which you need to complete trace back or return to an area that you passed before. Not only that, in some places you can even do a lot Mini game others like to drive a trolley on a super-fast route.


The number of these quests never leaves me bored, even without a clear purpose or direction. I remember when I first played I flew back to the first area several times to check if there were any quests I could complete. With the visual representation, which was very cool at the time, I, who was still innocent, certainly had no objection to sweeping out all areas, even if I didn’t make any significant progress in the end.

Oh, and if that’s still not enough, each area also has two versions, namely the cursed version and the cured version, also known as defeating the bad pig that curses the area. Some quests only appear if you manage to lift the curse in the area. It makes the world Tomba 2 what was already very big became even bigger, and it was so much fun.


In summary, Tomba 2 gave me an unforgettable adventure in a very wide and colorful world. That’s why I still remember and sometimes I want to play again Games This. There is always something you can do almost anywhere.

A little bit Redundant In different aspects


Unfortunately, I realized that a few years later Tomba 2 not Games Perfect. The first and most visible is the number of Products whose functions overlap. It means two or more Products that you find along the way have the same function. So it means to find Products the same but better, you don’t need anything anymore.

For example, at the beginning of the game you will find a bird suit, an outfit that allows you to float in the air for a few seconds before falling. But in the next two areas you can find a squirrel suit that allows you to flap your wings to soar in the air for a very long time. Once you get this squirrel suit, there is almost no need for another costume.


This also happens with many species Products Miscellaneous. After getting a hammer weapon, you will instantly get a fire hammer with the same function plus melting ice. Then in the end there is no better weapon than the grappler. Even some Late game items although sometimes it means nothing because of some Products others are much better.

Speaking of quests, whether you realize it or not, there are too many quests out there that are too tedious and tedious. Many missions involve going back to an area you’ve already passed, doing something very trivial and very non-interactive, and then reporting it to the quest giver.


The number of quests in Tomba 2 (and some of them are boring) sometimes make up the main story Games that is forgotten. I remember the first time I played, I just remembered having to find and exterminate the bad pigs because they accidentally found the door to their hiding place. This is also coincidental because you don’t know exactly where the door is.



With this defect is Tomba 2 worth mentioning Games the bad one? Fountain, not really. Actually when playing Games that was a long time ago, I’m the one who takes a more critical view of judgment Games began to see its shortcomings. But after a few hours and tolerating the shortcomings, I can still enjoy it Tomba 2 how i enjoyed it when i was little.

Although it has many defects and redundancies due to its design, Tomba 2 stay Games which is very nice for the size of the Playstation One. Its rich content with hundreds of side quests and lots of interesting NPCs also makes it even easier to wander around aimlessly Games that feels good.

Even when playing Games After a long time, I am still happy when I can remember what function each one has Products that I found. If you can bring it Products In order to complete a quest, I realized that despite the shortcomings, Tomba 2 can still give feeling an adventure rarely found in Games Miscellaneous.

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