No Root! These 7 Best Online Game Cheat Applications on Android

Do you want to play online games instantly? Well, very fitting. Because right now, we are going to discuss some of the best online game cheat applications on Android that you can try!


Cheat Example

As well as Mobile Legend cheats, cheats in some of these applications are also very powerful for you to use to knock out opponents easily! Come on, let’s look at the article!

The Most Used Online Game Cheat Application!

So, you can play various kinds of Android games easily by using some of the following game cheat applications: this!

1. Lucky Patcher


Lucky Patcher

This application is the most popular game cheat application, guys, how not? By using this Lucky Patcher application, paid or trial applications can be the full version.

However, this application can only be used for some games, guys. So, not all android games can be cheated using this Lucky Patcher application.

Size 2MB
Rating 4.8/5
Download Here

2. Creehack



This Creehack application is not only used for online game cheats, guys, this one application you can also use for offline game cheats on Android.

So, you can get unlimited lives and money if you cheat using this Creehack application. However, for online games, this application is very risky to get your account banned.

Size 1.2MB
Rating 4/5
Download Here

3. Freedom APK


Freedom APK

By using this application, you can buy all diamonds for free in the games you play. You can get all the purchasing processes for free by using this Freedom APK application.

The game cheat process does not take time and is quite easy guys, your account is also guaranteed to be safe and will not be banned. You can cheat almost all android online games with this Freedom APK application.

Size 1.9MB
Rating 5.8/10
Download Here

4. SB Game Hacker


SB Game Hacker

The performance of this application is almost the same as the Cheat Engine application which is commonly used on PCs and the Android version of the SB Game Hacker application, guys.

By using this application, you can change or search for certain data. Not only that, this application is also very easy to use.

Size 2MB
Rating 8/10
Download Here

5. Hackerbot



This application is a game cheat application that can play games automatically. So, you don’t have to work hard to win the game.

Not only game cheats, this Hackerbot application can also be used for application cheats. Almost all games and applications can be cheated using this Hackerbot application.

Size 3.5MB
Rating 4.75/5
Download Here

6. Xmod



For those of you who often play Clash of Clans (COC) games, you must be familiar with this one application, Yups this Xmod application is most often used by cashtrian guys.

This application can be used to see enemy traps, look for loot, look for base dead, sendbox attacks and so on. This application can be used in the games Minecraft PE, Clash of King,, 8 Ball Pool, Subway Surfer and Criminal Case.

Size 12.4MB
Rating 7/10
Download Here

7. MacroDroid



This MacroDrod application is very safe for you to use guys, your account will not be banned. Not only for game cheats, you can also use this one application to create effective bots, guys.

This MacroDroid application can also be used to save battery, guys. Because, in this application there is a feature that can run various commands automatically.

Size 19.7MB
Rating 4/5
Download Here

So, how are you guys? Which is your favorite application? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column.

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