Nintendo Will Inject Dr. Mario World, This Is The Reason!

GridGames.ID – Today (28/7), Nintendo announced the latest information regarding lethal injection game titled Dr. Mario World they developed.

With the announcement of the closing of the game, Nintendo thanked the players for participating in the game.

In the announcement, Nintendo also explained that starting today, players will no longer be able to buy Diamonds in the game.

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The plan, the game server will be shut down on November 1, 2022.

After that date, players who open the application will be directed to a web page that displays your history or progress in Dr. Mario World Memories.

Dr. Gameplay  Mario World

Dr. Gameplay Mario World

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Dr. Mario World itself is a game developed by Nintendo with Line Corporation and NHN Entertainment and released in 2022.

The game carries the match-three genre, so you will be asked to find three colors or the same item by sliding or touching.


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