Nintendo Handheld, Important History of Video Game Development

In the history of the video game world, Nintendo is a company that can be said to have written many things in its history. Various innovations, both successful and unsuccessful, have colored the ups and downs of the video games industry to date. One of the most famous is the Nintendo Handheld, whose innovation has contributed not only to the world of gaming, but also a new meaning that games can be played anytime and anywhere. Therefore Mobidachi, on this occasion, we will look at the history of handhelds from this great company. What are the products that have been issued? Let’s read more.

Nintendo Handheld Iconic For 80s generation

Nintendo Handheld-01

For those of you who grew up in the 80s, of course you are familiar with this first product released from 1980 to 1991. Although it only has one game per handheld, the machine, which in Indonesia used to be called gimbot, is a contributor in the world of video games in an innovation that is now quite commonplace, the D-pad. There were 59 titles made during its production period, and the question is of course how many have you played at Gimbot’s tenant brother?

The King of Classic Handhelds

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If called the king of classic Handhelds, maybe many people agree with Game Boy as the holder of the title. Being a phenomenal trend in the 90s, Game Boy revolutionized playing anywhere until finally SEGA, which was Nintendo’s toughest rival at the time, released the Game Gear to rival the dominance of Nintendo handhelds. However, with the various innovations and variations it has released, it is a shame that SEGA’s efforts failed, where the Game Boy continued to prosper until 2009. With many versions released during its time such as Pocket, Color, Advance, Advance SP, Micro, and Light, the original Game Boy is still the best in the eyes of its fans, making it a game engine that is quite sought after as a gamer Collectible At the moment.

This Exclusive US Machine To Play With Pikachu

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If, for example, I didn’t do research for this article, maybe I wouldn’t know about the existence of a Nintendo handheld which is quite rare and not many people know about it. With only 15 game titles, all of which are games Pokemon, the existence of this handheld itself is unique because it was made for the United States market first, before being marketed to the Japanese audience. However, its popularity did not last long and unfortunately, after two years, production and marketing were discontinued, although nowadays, the Nintendo Handheld itself is quite sought after by die-hard fans. Collectible.

The Nintendo Handheld revolution in how to play

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When talking about the Nintendo DS, this handheld is very iconic because it is something innovative for its time. Having a build-in microphone and dual screen and also a stylus for touch gameplay, the various games that appear on this handheld are very varied and some even fall into the interactive category. One of the best things about this Nintendo Handheld is the ability to play games from the Game Boy Advance, making it easy for players who already have a Game Boy Advance to switch to this machine. Unfortunately, these innovations were eventually lost in later versions. However, development after development continues to be added such as camera features and upgrades to the 3DS version, making this line up last long enough and has almost the same popularity as the Game Boy.

Revolutionary in terms of genre

The Switch falls into the handheld category because that’s what this machine put forward when it was first shown to the world. At first thought to be Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch’s handheld feature took everyone by surprise thereby increasing interest in its purchase. With this flexibility, game developers are forced to produce games that can take full advantage of all the features of the Switch. From that, the best features from Game Boy, DS, Wii, and original NES, can be felt on the Switch.

And that’s the history of the Nintendo Handheld. As technology continues to evolve, we can see Nintendo’s every contribution to the gaming world by continuously adapting their machines. The question now may be where will they develop their handheld next after the phenomenal Switch? Will there ever be a handheld that will revolutionize the way we play again? We are waiting for the news Mobidachi. See you in the next article.

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