Niantic Presents New Event, Finds GO Rocket Team Leader Giovanni

The GO Rocket Team is back and must be defeated soon

The GO Rocket Team is back and must be defeated soon – Niantic has not stopped developing its popular game, Pokemon GO.

After announcing plans for an AR play mode in Pokemon Buddy, Niantic added a new feature.

Niantic brings the GO Rocket team into the game.

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In fact, players will be asked to defeat the boss, Giovanni.

The full crew of the GO Rocket team added by Niantic, they are Cliff, Sierra, Arlo, and the boss, Giovanni.

The GO Rocket Team will try to catch Pokemon Shadow and increase the ability to fight the players.

In a story shared on the Pokemon GO blog, the Rocket team uses technology to hide from players.

Thanks to Professor Willow, Spark, Blnchem and Candela have found a way to counter the technology.

However, players must first battle against the GO Rocket team to gain access to Special Research.

Access to Special Research is required in order to defeat the bism Giovanni.


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