Niantic Confirms PvP Mode for Pokemon Go in 2022

Niantic will introduce new Pokemon Go features fitur

Niantic will introduce new Pokemon Go features fitur – Are you still playing the game Pokemon Go?

If so, there’s good news for you, because Niantic will present a new and very significant feature in the development of the game.

Because, Niantic will implement PvP mode (Person versus Person) aka compete online on Pokemon Go.

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The idea for this feature has been around for a long time, but this is the first time Niantic has officially announced a PvP play mode.

However, Niantic revealed that the new online battle player feature will be ready in 2022.

Currently, Pokemon Go players can only compete with trainers in the vicinity.

So it really depends on the distance and conditions.

Players can also compete with existing NPCs.

However, starting in 2022, Niantic will add an online PvP system that can allow players to compete with each other without being constrained by location.

The PvP system will be named Go Battle League, able to make players from various parts of the world meet in one match.

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But before competing, you still have to walk to a certain point before entering the match mode.

From the announcement made by Niantic, the Go Battle League feature will be released in early 2022.

It is not yet clear whether Niantic will also release a reward system or not, and have a ranking or not.

The presence of this feature is able to make the game more exciting, both when collecting Pokemon or when competing with other players.


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