NFT Esports Becomes Dark Horse in PMPL ID Season 5? Wolfy Open Voice

NFT Esports’ performance in PMPL ID Season 5 this time was great. But unfortunately, their good game is considered a dark horse team.

The game from the NFT team is already very good than before. Starting from the consistency of the game, rotation to strategy.


Of course a good game makes them a team that is quite respected now. They have managed to get WWCD several times with good games from the players.

Playing Good, Even Called Dark Horse

At a podcast session on channel Bro Pasta’s YouTube channel and also Wolfy’s, they revealed that they were quite surprised by the game from NFT Esports. This is because the NFT Esports team has been very step up in his game.

“Honestly what surprised me was NFT Esports because we know they are a team that the more matches they play, the stronger they become. But this week, NFT Esports has been able to be in the top 3 since the beginning of the first week, in my opinion, this is an extraordinary investment and maybe I don’t agree if they are called a dark horse team again,” explained Wolfy.

NFT pmpl id 5

According to Wolfy and Pasta, the NFT Esports team is a team that must be monitored in this PMPL ID Season 5 event. In terms of rotation, play, this team has been very good.

Not only NFT, according to Wolfy, other teams have started playing with a direct strategy to the middle of the zone. Playing in the middle of the zone is dangerous, but if the teams can defend compound hers, they would certainly have a very comfortable position in late game later.

“Yes, most PMPL ID Spring 2022 teams tend to use a direct rotation strategy to the middle of the zone. I think this season, teams are starting to realize when playing in the middle of the zone it’s better so now a lot of people are playing straight into the middle of the zone,” added Wolfy.

Of course, a strategy like this makes the match more exciting and challenging. Do you think there will be a new strategy in the future and do you think NFT Esports is the dark horse in PMPL ID Season 5? Keep up with the news on Game Spot so you guys stay up to dateyes!

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