New Skin Lancelot Mobile Legends ‘Floral Knight’ Similar to Zilong!

GridGames.ID – Old not sound and its declining popularity, Moonton again presents a skin new for Lancelot heroes.

Skins new for this Hero Assassin named Floral Knight which is a skin manifold epic.

His name too knights, Lancelot is dressed like a long-haired knight with a sword as his main weapon.

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With the knight costume, Lancelot actually became similar to Zilong’s hero, guys!

This Floral Knight will be released on Mobile Legends on September 29, 2022 at server time.

Lancelot's new skin (Floral Knight)

Youtube MLBB

Lancelot’s new skin (Floral Knight)

Visual effects of manifold skins epic usually it always looks cool and different than usual.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s a visual effect skills Lancelot on skin Floral Knight.

1. Puncture (Skill 1)

Skill 1 Lancelot

YouTube MLBB

Skill 1 Lancelot

2. Thorned Rose (Skill 2)

Skill 2 Lancelot

YouTube MLBB

Skill 2 Lancelot

3. Phantom Execution (Ultimate Skill)

Lancelot's ultimate skill

YouTube MLBB

Lancelot’s ultimate skill

What is the effect of the latest Lancelot skin called Floral Knight? Very cool, right?


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