New Shikigami Ready to Come to Onmyoji!

New Shikigami Ready to Come to Onmyoji!

Shikigami New: Dodomeki is coming to Onmyoji! She may look like a cute girl on the outside, but inside reveals an obsessive demon with beautiful eyes, she will use any means necessary to claim the beautiful eyes they have for herself. Not only can he read other people’s minds, but Dodomeki can also peek into the memories seen by the eyes of his former owner. SR Shikigami new, Dodomeki (VA: Rina Hidaka) stepped inside Heian-Kyo!

After updates On August 22, players can get shards or shards Dodomeki from Demon Parade or Wanted Quests. Collect 40 shards tosummon Dodomeki! You also have the opportunity to face Demon Seal Dodomeki. Fight him to collect shards or shards Dodomeki! After updates on August 29, Dodomeki can besummon use Mystery Amulet, AR Amulet or Jade.

Please note that Dodomeki cannot be obtained directly from summon before updates on August 29. After updates on August 22 – August 28 11:59 PM EST, players can earn up to a maximum of 40 Dodomeki Shards from Demon Seal per day (reset at 0:00 EST).

“What’s that? Why can I hear screams, angry cries in my head? These voices – they came from those spies! B… but… I can’t stop it! Get out of my mind! Not!” What memories did Dodomeki peek at? Who has that memory? Why did Dodomeki feel so sick about it? Participate in Memory Scrolls events to learn the story of Dodomeki, with the chance to get Dodomeki pact, Skill Daruma, high-grade Grade Daruma, Mystery Amulets, and much more!

New Shikigami Ready to Come to Onmyoji!

SSR Shikigami new, Yuki will soon debut in server global! Cold is the skin, ice is the bone. Snow is his body and soul. The spirit that is formed from the winter snow, is dedicated by him to bring joy to people who are lonely when winter comes.

Watching his family members go one by one into clouds in the sky or rain falling on the ground, Yuki doesn’t feel sad or afraid and hopes that one day he will follow them, sacrificing himself for someone else’s smile. SSR Shikigami new, Yuki (VA: Marina Inoue) is coming to Onmyoji! Cold on the outside but soft on the inside. Onmyoji, please welcome this kind and loving child after updates on August 22. Yuki can be summoned using Mystery Amulet, AR Amulet, or Jade.

“What is the purpose of life?” Yuki asked, full of confusion. “Why don’t you take a trip and find the answer yourself?” Come and join Yuki’s journey, you will find out more about Yuki’s story in Memory Scrolls Event, with the opportunity to get Yuki pact, Skill Daruma, high-grade Grade Daruma, Mystery Amulets, and much more!

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