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In this tutorial, the author will teach the procedures for creating a Geographic Information System (GIS) mobile application program using the Android Studio IDE. In this tutorial, the author will split the tutorial into several part to make it easier to understand each step. Before that, the author will explain what a GIS (Geographic Information System) is, an explanation below:

GIS (Geographic Information System) : A special information system that manages data that contains spatial information (spatially referenced). Or, in a narrower sense, a computer system that is able to process geographically referenced information, such as B. to create, store, manage and display data identified by location in a database.

In a previous article, the author provided a tutorial on the initial components to prepare when creating application programs using Android Studio. For those of you who have not yet prepared the initial components, you can do the preparations below shortcut including:

For those of you who have prepared the first few components, you can proceed by a Project New. Here the author uses Android Studio version 2.2. The manufacturing stages are listed below Project on Android Studio:

1. Open the Android Studio Editor.

Start window for creating Android Studio projects

Choose “Start a new Android Studio project”To create a new project

2. Enter the name of the project and the first letter must be uppercase.

Name the project in Android Studio

3. Selection of the minimum SDK. With this selection, the created project runs on a smartphone with at least SDK API 15: Android 4.0.3 (Ice cream sandwich).

Choosing the minimum SDK on Android Studio

4. Choose activity The author chooses the initial that appears in this project Activity in the navigation bar. Selecting this view automatically starts project creation Navigation drawer on the left.

Choosing the first activity on Android Studio

5. Define a name for Activity name and Layout names, Permit Originally or you can change it as you like and then select it break up.


Wait for the process to finish gradle done when Gradle runs smoothly without it Error then it looks like this:

First view of the Android Studio project

Then the creation of a new project on Android Studio has been successfully created, then we will discuss how to display the Google Maps API on the created project.

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