New Horror Game! What Happened Game Finally Announces Release Schedule

What Happened game display

Genius Slackers

What Happened game display

GridGames.ID – For horror game lovers, GridGames has good news for all of you.

One of the horror games entitled “What Happened” has finally officially announced its release schedule.

The information was delivered directly by the developer, Genius Slackers.

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This horror game has actually been introduced since approximately 2 years ago in December 2022.

After going through a long journey in its creation, finally What Happened will be here soon.

Reported from Gamerant, What Happened is planned to be playable starting July 2022 on PC via the Steam platform.

What Happened is the horror game debut for Genius Slackers who collaborated with Sourena Games and Katnappe on the publishing.

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This game tells the story of a high school student named Stiles who struggles to unravel the mysteries in his mind.

Players will be presented with a game concept with an approach psychological horror.

Using viewing angle first person, the more players will feel the atmosphere built in the game more.

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Carrying a horror genre game is certainly a challenge for developers.

Because, if you look back at recent times, there have been many previous horror games that have succeeded in gaining success.

Do you think, can What Happened be as successful as its predecessor? We’ll see.

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