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Every few months, Moonton provides an interesting update to its best game, Mobile Legends Bang: Bang. A future update to this game is the introduction of a new hero named Luo Yi who will accompany mobile legends game enthusiasts to play Mobage games.

Earlier, Luo Yi himself was a magician-type hero, and when he looked at the YouTuber that reviewed this hero, he said that Luo Yi didn’t take the damage that Mobile Legends players generally expected.

Basically, this hero is available for free or for free, and most free heroes have unreliable abilities, which many people rarely use. Call them Faramis, Bererick, etc.

Source: Game blot

As mentioned earlier, this Luo Yi will be available by logging in on May 16, 2022. Yes, yes, just log in to get the latest heroes from Mobile Legends.

But do you know why Moonton updates the best games so often? This is to keep loyal players tired of playing the game and to create a new atmosphere for Mobile Legends. That’s why we always keep up to date with the latest updates.

With the introduction of this new hero named Luo Yi in Mobile Legends, it is hoped that the game’s strategy will become even more diverse.Don’t forget to visit website Click here to get the latest news about eSports.

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