New Gamepad Rows from GameSir That Will Be Shown at CES 2022!

New Gamepad Rows from GameSir That Will Be Shown at CES 2022!

At the grand event of CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) next year, GameSir presents a variety of new surprises. One of them is his new line of products that will be introduced at the CES 2022 event. Of course, these products are the products that gamers have been waiting for! Anything? see more information below:

GameSir T2s: Feature-rich Futuristic Design Gamepad!

GameSir T2s is an improved version of the gamepad previously released by GameSir, GameSir T2a. The first impression displayed by this gamepad is futuristic where GameSir T2s uses a semi-transparent design so you can see the contents of the gamepad. Not only that, the XABY button and also the connectivity indicator on the GameSir T2s are also equipped with LED lights.

New Gamepad Rows from GameSir That Will Be Shown at CES 2022!

GameSir T2s is equipped with a rechargeable 800mAh battery. It doesn’t stop there, GameSir T2s also has a multiplatform feature, which means this gamepad can be connected to PC, Android, and SteamOS devices.

GameSir M2: The Most Awaited Gamepad For iOS Devices!

GameSir M2 is the most awaited gamepad for smartphone users with the iOS operating system. Finally, at CES 2022 it was confirmed that GameSir brought the gamepad. GameSir M2 has a similar design to GameSir G4s. The difference is, this gamepad has a very eye-catching color, namely red and metallic blue.

New Gamepad Rows from GameSir That Will Be Shown at CES 2022!
GameSir M2 can be used for iOS devices that already use the iOS 7 operating system and above. Just like GameSir G4s, GameSir M2 is also equipped with an 800 mAh battery that can last quite a long time.

GameSir G5: Gamepad for MOBA and FPS Games!

Seeing the current high trend of MOBA and FPS games, GameSir finally released a special gamepad that can play both games without having to activate the remapper feature first. The gamepad is GameSir G5.

New Gamepad Rows from GameSir That Will Be Shown at CES 2022!
GameSir G5 is a special gamepad for MOBA and FPS game players who have a very high number of players. GameSir G5 is not only equipped with buttons but a touchpad on the right. This gamepad also has extra buttons on the back that can be customized according to your needs. GameSir G5 has multiplatform features that make the gamepad run on Android, Windows PC, and also SteamOS. Equipped with an 800 mAh battery, the GameSir G5 gamepad can last about 18 hours.

Until now, GameSir has not been able to provide further information regarding the price or release date of the three gamepads. Most likely, other important information will be updated after the CES 2022 event is over.

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About GameSir
GameSir is a global trademark of Gamepad based in Hong Kong. GameSir is directly affiliated with the company Wise Team Technology Development Limited which has many branches in various countries such as the United States and China.
GameSir is a trusted brand for gamers who want to enjoy high-quality gamepads. That way, the reputation of the gamepad products produced by GameSir cannot be doubted.
GameSir continues to grow and become a well-known trademark with more than two million users from all over the world, from China, the United States, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, England, France, and 30 other countries. Of course, the number of gamepad users from GameSir continues to grow.

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