New Dungeons and Custom Event Features are Coming to Lineage2 Revolution

Lineage2 Revolution Presents New Dungeons and Custom Event Features


Lineage2 Revolution Presents New Dungeons and Custom Event Features

GridGames.ID – Good news for loyal Lineage2 Revolution players because on May 13, 2022 yesterday, Netmarble Corp announced a new update.

This flagship MMORPG game will have a new Temporal Rift Dungeon called Earth Wyrm Nest.

Players must find an Earth Wyrm that escaped into an underground mine and reseal it.

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In addition, players can also fight against Draconian Monsters that exist throughout the Dungeon.

This dungeon consists of 3 stages so it requires a strategy so that players can complete it because the character’s stamina will continue to decrease in the last stage.

A new conflict zone named ‘Giant’s Tomb Depth Altar‘ has been added to Elite Dungeon.

Players can fight against various Undead Monsters in the underground altar built to celebrate the rise of the Giants.

In this region, players with a higher level can play PVP Battle at any time.

In this update, players can also organize Custom Events.


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