Never Played, Onic Vior Says This To Fans!

ONIC Esports is certainly one of the strongest teams in the current MPL ID Season 9 event, where they successfully sit in second place in the standings with 11 points. They only lost to RRQ Hoshi in first place with 16 points.

With MPL ID Season 9 only one week left, many fans are wondering about when Vior will be played by ONIC Esports.

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Earlier this week, ONIC Esports had presented a surprise where they brought back Drian, who previously took a break at the beginning season. Even though it’s new comebackDrian is only played against Bigetron Alpha in week 7 yesterday.

After two wins last week, ONIC Esports has confirmed its place in the upper bracket half playoffs later. So, is there a chance to see Vior play in MPL?

In response to this, Vior also gave a message to SONIC (the name for ONIC Esports fans) regarding when he could make his debut at the MPL ID Season 9.

Create para fans those who are waiting for my performance in MPL, don’t be disappointed, friends, because most likely I will not be played, “said Vior briefly in interview MPL media.

This is of course quite reasonable considering that it is now nearing the end regular seasons. ONIC Esports also seems to have matured roster the players they will field in the round playoffs later, where already Sanz, CW, Butts, Kiboy, and Samoht often become starting line-up dominant in the regular round so far.

In the reserves, there is already a new Sir ft Lans and Drian comeback. roster This player also feels that he is very fit and strong enough to compete to be in the round playoffs and become the champion in the upcoming MPL ID Season 9.


Therefore, it was quite difficult for Vior to be able to debut in the event Mobile Legends the most prestigious in Indonesia. However, there is still a chance for Vior to play this weekend if coach wanted to give him a chance.

So, will Vior really be played by ONIC Esports in the last week? Or will he just be a “joy” like Kaesang, who never debuted for Aerowolf? Let’s just wait, shall we!

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