Netmarble Will Present NBA Themed Sports Games and Puzzles!

The official cover of the NBA Ball Stars game


The official cover of the NBA Ball Stars game

GridGames.ID – Netmarble is rumored to be releasing a new game with a combined theme of basketball and puzzle sports called NBA Ball Stars.

The basketball theme taken from this game itself is the United States basketball league, the NBA.

The plan, this game will be available for all users of the operating system (OS) Android and iOS.

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Previously, Netmarble had officially acquired a game development company based in Los Angeles, Kung Fu Factory.

Kung Fu Factory itself is a game developer who previously produced several popular mobile game names such as WWE Champions and Pacific Rim: Breach Wars.

After the completion of the acquisition process some time ago, Netmarble and Kung Fu Factory plan to create their first mobile game project, NBA Ball Stars.

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Then, when will this game be released to the public?


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