Netmarble Opens MARVEL Future Revolution Global Pre-registration Stage

GridGames.ID – Mobile games MARVEL Future Revolution has now entered the pre-registration stage globally.

Interestingly, the game made by Netmarble Corp. and Marvel Entertainment will present a variety of iconic characters with original storylines.

MARVEL Future Revolution that carries the genre open world RPG it also comes with AAA quality 3D graphics.

This game will provide a world-class game quality that shows the heroic actions of ‘Marvel Super Heroes’ on a mission to save the universe.

Raid MARVEL Future Revolution


Raid MARVEL Future Revolution

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MARVEL Future Revolution itself begins when a collection of planets that meet each other in multi-dimensionality begins to form a new ‘Main Earth’.

There, there are several unique zones such as; “New Stark City”, a high-tech region, “Hydra Empire”, the most dangerous region, “Sakaar”, a barren rock region, and other zones.

Players can also become agents of the new Super Hero team ‘Omega Flight’ and work together to fight evil from the threat of Super Villains and protect the ‘Main Earth’ from destruction.

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Players are given the opportunity to choose eight Super Hero characters from Marvel, guys.

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