Netmarble Officially Releases Mobile Version of KOONGYA Draw Party Game

KOONGYA Draw Party officially released


KOONGYA Draw Party officially released

GridGames.IDAfter the pre-registration phase was carried out last May, Netmarble finally announced that the KOONGYA Draw Party drawing game was officially released.

The release of this latest game was carried out on Thursday, May 26, 2022 yesterday.

KOONGYA Draw Party, gYou can download this creative real-time picture quiz game at App Store and Google Play.

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Players can work together to complete endless quests to solve various challenging quizzes with the power of creativity in drawing.

KOONGYA Draw Party comes with over 4,500 fun picture quizzes in over 11 different languages.

Players can also experience the thrill of picture quizzes in each of the available languages.

In addition, they can also complete quizzes in real-time through rooms, collect and strengthen characters, create their own quizzes and share them around, and much more.

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The features presented in this game are also very interesting for you to play.

Here are three mode features that were present in the KOONGYA Draw Party game when it was released:


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