Netmarble Finally Officially Releases A3: Still Alive on Mobile Platforms

GridGames.ID – After a long wait, finally Open-World MMORPG fans can feel the sensation of adventuring in the title made by Netmarble, A3: Still Alive.

Netmarble officially released the RPG game A3: Still Alive Today (11/11/20) for iOS and Android platforms.

To celebrate the release, they’re holding a live stream on their Twitch channel to give them an in-depth insight into what’s in the game.

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For those of you who have registered early yesterday, prizes will be given when you log into the game such as:

  • 200,000 Gold, 100,000 Mana Stones, and 60 Topazes
  • 1x 3-star Hannemorin Soulstar
  • 1x 60-level Heroic-grade Armor

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In addition, they also held a Server Launch Celebration Check-in event.

The event gives players various items including a 5-star Soulstar chest, just by logging in.

Interestingly, you will be given a Special Ancient-grade Weapon and other prizes after the first top-up.

For those of you who reach a certain level, various prizes will also be given to make other characters stronger when adventuring.

A3: Still Alive gameplay illustration

Youtube/A3:Still Alive

A3: Still Alive gameplay illustration

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Not only the prizes above, 6-star Chotaring Soulstar can also be obtained from how many Diamonds are used by players.

Finally, players who log-in for seven days will receive a medal for completing the Starter Guide Mission, this item can be exchanged for various prizes, you know.

Currently, there are five different classes for you to choose from, such as Bersekers, Templars, Wizards, Archers, and Assassins.

For those of you who want to download this game for free, you can visit the App Store and Google Play!


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