Nagoya VTuber Exhibition Reached Event Funding Target Via Crowdfunding

To promote Nagoya Prefecture, Chukyo Television Broadcasting Corp., is planning a Nagoya VTuber exhibition via Crowdfunding CAMPFIRE

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Chukyo Television Broadcasting Corp. and Parco Corp. has formed an executive committee named “Nagoya Vtuber Exhibition” which aims to hold a Nagoya Vtuber exhibition with the Vtuber theme. Through a crowdfunding site called CAMPFIRE which is operated with “BOOSTER”, they will start the exhibition again if they have reached their funding target.

Previously, the Nagoya Vtuber Festival was held in December 2022. Several Vtubers have attended the event such as Asano Sisters, Enogu Vtuber Group, Natsumi Moe, etc. All activities were perfectly organized by presenting the famous Vtuber. And after that, the party who organized it experienced problems when the corona virus emerged. This caused the Nagoya Vtuber Festival to be postponed .

Nagoya Festival Will Be Held Again

Nagoya VTuber Exhibition Banner

However, this time the second Nagoya Vtuber Festival will be held again. The event is planned to be held from May 28, 2022 until June 21, 2022. However, in order to hold the event, funds are needed for the process of organizing costs. Their party has made a crowdfunding with a target fund of 7.5 million yen. The funding will start on May 27, 2022. Once this is achieved, the Nagoya Vtuber Festival will begin to be planned.

There’s Something Special After Crowdfunding Is Complete

Nagoya VTuber Exhibition Banner

In addition, there is something special about the crowdfunding that if the funds obtained exceed the target achieved or around 9.5 million yen, they will make the Nagoya Vtuber Festival visible to many people or around the world online. In the Nagoya Vtuber Festival, there are Two Vtubers who will be present as hosts for the event. For the second time, Kimino Miya and L Otsuta will be reappointed as MCs for the Festival.

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