MyXL Top Up FF, Cheap and Lots of Discounts

MyXL Top Up FF

MyXL Top Up FF – Right now to be able to top up Free Fire or FF diamonds, there are lots of sites or applications that we can use. One that we can use is MyXL. Of course this is good news for you because now you have many choices

Indeed, so far there have been many agents who have also sold diamonds for FF games. However, it is quite difficult to find cheap ones and lots of discounts. For that, by reading this article, we hope you can get what you want

Surely you want to buy Free Fire diamonds at low prices and of course lots of discounts. If so, you can read this article to the end. We are sure you will get information about what we wrote in this article

We will provide clear and detailed reviews so that you can differentiate from other sellers and also find out how to buy FF diamonds on this site. That way you can get completely clear information

Now please read and understand this review to completion. What we will explain about MyXL Top Up FF will only be presented and explained for you. For that, please read and understand carefully

About MyXL Top Up FF

Before you need to know that MyXL is the official site of a telecommunications provider. This site actually has the main function to buy credit and internet quota, including knowing activities for XL card users.

In addition to its functions as we have described above. MyXL can also be used to top up the Free Fire game diamond. Even the prices for the FF diamond packages that are sold are also very competitive or tilted compared to other places.

Diamond FF Top Up Price on MyXL

Now you know and understand better what MyXL is. If you already know then you also have to know what the top up price is for each diamond sold on this site. This is very important for you to know so that you are more confident.

You can also do price comparisons with other sites. Is it cheaper or more expensive. Is the package being sold more profitable or vice versa? Please see the following list

  1. 5 Diamonds : 1 RB
  2. 12 Diamonds : 2 RB
  3. 50 Diamonds : 8 RB
  4. 70 Diamonds : 10 RB
  5. 140 Diamonds : 20 RB
  6. 355 Diamonds : 50 RB
  7. 720 Diamonds : 100 RB
  8. 1450 Diamonds : 200 RB
  9. 2180 Diamonds : 300 RB

How to Top Up Free Fire on MyXL

Now you know what MyXL is and also the price list of diamonds for sale. Next, if you are really interested in buying or top up diamonds on the application or site, you can see the following procedures or steps:

  • First, please open the MyXL application or also the MyXL site
  • Make sure you use the XL provider
  • Please login and also select the My Packages menu and Buy Packages
  • Look for the Entertainment menu and select Free Fire in the top up section
  • Enter your FF ID and also select the package you want to buy
  • Click submit if you think the process is correct
  • Diamond will enter your FF account
  • Done

Those are the procedures or steps that you can do if you really want to top up or buy diamonds on the application or site. Hopefully the process you are doing can be carried out easily without any problems

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That’s what we can present and also share with you. Hopefully what we present on this auspicious occasion regarding MyXL Top Up FF you can understand well. That’s it from us and see you soon

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