Must Try! This is the Worst X.Borg Mobile Legends Build 2022

GridGames.ID – X.Borg, one of the heroes who enter the Fighter role, we often find on the battlefield.

It’s not as scary as it used to be before Nerf, but X.Borg can be one of the Offlaner heroes to choose from in Meta at this time.

X.Borg is a half-human hero who is also half-robot, where he uses fire in every skill he has.

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This hero who specializes in Regen/Burst Damage has the ultimate skill that can blow himself up to deal True Damage from the target’s maximum HP.

Then, the explosion generated from the skill called Last Insanity will destroy his Firaga Armor and deal great damage to the opponent.

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In order for X.Borg to be the most frightening hero for opponents, GridGames would like to recommend the X.Borg build item for Meta 2022, here!

Just take a look at the explanation below.


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