Must-Try! Here are the Controls and Sensitivity Settings of BTR Ryzen

GridGames.ID – Controls are buttons that players use to shoot and move in-game.

Sensitivity is used by players to regulate the movement of characters in the game according to the user’s wishes.

BTR Ryzen is a Bigetron eSports player in the PUBG Mobile division who has a role as Rusher.

Ryzen can be said to be the idol of PUBG Mobile players, because Ryzen has a quick aim and peek fire movement when dealing with enemies.

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For you moba players, what are the controls and sensitivity that BTR Ryzen uses when playing.

Come on, see right away!

1. Controls

Controls BTR Ryzen


Controls BTR Ryzen

BTR Ryzen plays using 4 fingers, namely 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers using the Iphone XS Max Full Gyro Always ON device.

Ryzen fires using the thumb and for the main scope uses the index finger. For those of you who use your thumb to fire, you can try the controls from BTR Ryzen.


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