Must Know! This is the Meaning of Understanding 7 Specialties of Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends hero specialties


Mobile Legends hero specialties

GridGames.ID – Surely you often see or hear special terms in Mobile Legends games such as Reap, Poke, Damage, Crowd Control, and others.

Maybe there are also those who only hear but do not understand these specialties.

There are 7 specialties for all heroes in Mobile Legends, there are Reap, Poke, Damage, Crowd Control, Burst Damage, Charge and Regen.

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Well, for those who still don’t understand, here’s an explanation of the specialties of heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Reap

Layla, Hero Marksman Mobile Legends


Layla, Hero Marksman Mobile Legends

If you have this specialty, you will often find Marksman heroes. This is because Marksman’s HP hero is the lowest HP among other roles.

The hero role Marksman is the hero that is most often targeted by enemies, so with Reap’s specialty, Marksman can gather enemies who are after him.

Because at present Mobile Legends often unites two roles in one hero, heroes outside the Marksman role who are also the target of the enemy have Reap specialties.

Examples of Mobile Legends heroes with Reap specialties are Layla, Martis, Selena, Claude, Hanzo, and Thamuz.


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