Must Know! This is the explanation of the latest Mobile Legends Hero Skill, Baxia

GridGames.ID – On August 8, 2022, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang again announced the latest update version 1.4.04 which informed that a new hero would be released.

Exactly today, October 8, 2022, this new hero named Baxia was officially released on the Original Server of Mobile Legends.

Baxia increases the number of Tank heroes in Mobile Legends who have high mobility and extraordinary continuous damage.

Baxia Mobile Legends


Baxia Mobile Legends

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This new hero also has Initiator and Crowd Control specialties, where skill 1 from Baxia is able to stun and knock back opponents.

When viewed from his specialty, Baxia is able to be a good initiator because he has Shield on some of his skills.

Baxia, who has the nickname Black Tortoise, in the other skill can turn into an iron circle that can give a CC effect and its shape is similar to a top.

For more details, here is an explanation of Baxia’s skills, the new Tank hero in Mobile Legends.


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