Must Know! This is the build of Selena in Mobile Legends, the Pain in Meta 2022

GridGames.ID – Selena, one of the heroes who fills the Assassin/Mage role in Mobile Legends until now has indeed become one of the heroes who troubles opponents.

How are you not? His Abyssal Arrow (skill 2) is able to give a Crowd Control effect in the form of Stun for a long time, which is 0.5 to 3 seconds.

In addition, Selena can also place traps that can’t be seen by the opponent and can give Slow effects and Magic Damage.

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This hero who specializes in Reap/Burst Damage can change form which automatically changes his skills according to the form he uses when fighting.

With these abilities, Selena is one of the banned subscription heroes when draft picks are in rank mode.

Eits, if Selena’s ability is already so scary, then the user must be able to play the hero properly and correctly.

And don’t forget to use the right build item so that Selena has painful damage to the opponent.

Well, GridGames wants to give a recommendation to build the sickest Selena Mobile Legends in Meta 2022, guys.

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Kuy, just take a look at the explanation below!


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