Must Know! This is How to Meet Live Zombies in PUBG Mobile Season 5

How to find live Zombies in PUBG Mobile

How to find live Zombies in PUBG Mobile

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile never stops making players curious about updates Next, definitely PUBG Mobile Season 5, especially with Zombies circling the Erangel map.

Previously, PUBG Mobile gave instructions with the presence of zombie corpses in the Military Base.

Not only that, handprints and black blood are scattered around Erangel’s houses, you know, which is also a sign that the zombie world will haunt PUBG Mobile.

This time, a gaming YouTuber named Mr. Ghost Gaming find live zombies on the Erangel map.

Even though this zombie world will be present in patches 0.10.5, but how come there are live zombies? This is how to meet zombies in PUBG Mobile.

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