Must Know! Things to Know About PUBG Mobile AWM Weapons

GridGames.ID – Hi Looters! PUBG is a Battle Royale genre game that is in great demand among young and old.

Its users have reached 400 million downloads worldwide with 100 million active users every day.

PUBG Mobile players want to be the last to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Many types of weapons from the PUBG game, there are M416, UMP45, AWM, SKS, Vss DLL weapons.

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One of them is the AWM weapon, this weapon is a bone of contention for some players because it has very high damage.

AWM, the sickest weapon in PUBG Mobile

AWM, the sickest weapon in PUBG Mobile

AWM weapons can only be obtained in the Airdrop Supply Box and Flare Gun Drop.

If you are lucky you will get AWM.

Here’s what you guys need to know about AWM.


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