Must Know! These are the terms in the Laplace M . game

GridGames.ID – The MMORPG game, Laplace M, which was officially released in early May in Indonesia, has started to get busy.

Surely those of you who are new to playing still need more information from this game.

Like information about character attributes that you can find if you tap your character avatar in the upper left corner.

Laplace M . character info


Laplace M . character info

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In basic attributes or basic attributes, you can check Caption, Holy Guild, Level, XP Value, Level Cap, and other information.

Some terms that often appear in MMORPG genre games are also almost the same. However, there are differences in some ways for each different game.

The following is an explanation of the terms in the Laplace M game.

Physical/Magical Attack

Increases damage from Physical/Magical Attacks.


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