Must Know! Here’s the Worst Mobile Legends Atlas Item Build 2022

GridGames.ID – Released since mid-March 2022, Atlas has been in Mobile Legends for 2 months.

This Hero Tank is still a hero who is often banned because the skills he has are considered troublesome for the opponent.

However, Atlas is sometimes also deliberately released and becomes a bone of contention between two teams when they are draft picks in Rank Mode.

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Atlas has the ultimate skill that really troubles his opponent.

Named Fatal Link, in this skill Atlas throws a chain at a nearby target and then pulls all targets in the specified direction.

The ultimate skill is considered to be one of Atlas’ skills that is the most troublesome for the opponent, but it is so beneficial for the Core hero who is on the same team as Atlas to finish off his opponent.

For those who want to use Atlas, all you have to know is the build item so that the Atlas skill that was already GG can be supported with strong damage and defense.

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Here, GridGames tells you the worst Atlas Mobile Legends build 2022 for you. Check this out!


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