Must Know! Here are 8 Apex Legends Characters and Their Skills

GridGames.ID – Apex Legends is a battle royale game featuring eight ‘Legends’ with different skills.

All characters are equipped with a unique set of skills to help you in battle.

Each character has definite strengths and weaknesses and some are generally more useful than others.

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For those of you who want to try this new game, here is a list of characters and their skills that GridGames reports from the page.

1. Caustic

Caustic Apex Legends

Caustic Apex Legends

His Tactical Skill, ‘Nox Gas Trap’, was the only trap skill in the game. Traps are triggered when enemy Legends walk close to them or when traps are shot.

You can check the map to see if your poison canister is still intact or not. The Nox Gas Traps have a relatively low cooldown and Caustic can store up to 3 charge tubes.

His tactical skills are not satisfactory. His lethal gas is very easy to release, and deals less damage than oxygen and his Ultimate skill is just an upgraded version of his Tactical skill.


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