Must Know! Get to know the Unique Map in the Shape of the State of Indonesia in Point Blank

GridGames.ID For internet cafe “graduate” gamers, Point Blank is still the favorite FPS game in Indonesia, with 2 million users spread throughout Indonesia.

Point blank Indonesia is now held by publisher, which was previously held by Garena.

Well, for those who are still not familiar with Point Blank, in the point blank game, there is a unique map in the form of the country of Indonesia, you know!

This map is an island with various terrains with high and lowlands around it. Starting from the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Bali to Papua.

This unique map is called, Mini Indonesia.

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This mini map of Indonesia is a favorite map for “public” children, because it can be used as a training ground.

“They can practice aiming from high and low altitudes, especially if they use the P90 Ext weapon,” said Seno Muhammad, RRQ TCN player.


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