Must Know! Following are the results of the PMPL SEA Championship Season 4 Group Drawing

GridGames.ID – The PUBG Mobile tournament “PMPL SEA Championship S4” has divided 20 teams into 5 groups in the group drawing which was held on Friday, October 8, 2022 yesterday.

Each group consisting of 4 teams will go through the first phase, namely the Regular Season which will be held on October 12-31, 2022.

20 teams must collect as many points as possible in a phase that is held for approximately 3 weeks.

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Later, there will be 16 slots for the team with the most points that are entitled to advance to the grand final phase.

There will be a prize pool of USD 200 thousand or the equivalent of more than IDR 2 billion that will be up for grabs.

PMPL SEA Championship S4 total prize

PMPL SEA Championship S4 total prize

Not only that, the 20 teams that will compete will also compete for the position to the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship 2022 (PMGC 2022).

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PMPL SEA Championship S4 is an international competition in Southeast Asia, where each group represents the best team from the best in each country.

The following are the results of the group division in the PMPL SEA Championship S4:


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