Must Know! ‘Courage Mask’ Roaming Item Function in Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Playing MOBA genre games not only have to understand the playing tactics, but also have to understand the build items used.

Build items themselves have a use to support the heroes we use when playing games to make them stronger.

As in the MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, build items are divided into 6 categories, namely Attack, Magic, Defense, Movement, Jungle and Roaming.

Well, this time GridGames wants to tell you the function of the Courage Mask item, which is a roaming item.

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You can buy this item with gold in the game for 1750 gold.

This Courage Mask will give your hero additional basic attributes in the form of +700 HP and +10% Cooldown Reduction and a unique attribute of +25% Movement Speed.

This item has a passive skill called Devotion which can receive 2 Gold and EXP every 4 seconds and with this item you also cannot share EXP or Gold to nearby teammates.


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