Must Know! 3 Meta Heroes for the Best Junglers in Arena of Valor

D'Arcy, Arena of Valor (AOV) hero mage

D’Arcy, Arena of Valor (AOV) hero mage

GridGames.ID – MOBA games can be said to be a trend for gamers, where games with this genre are being played.

The MOBA game developed by Garena Indonesia is no exception, namely Arena of Valor or what we usually know as AoV.

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This time GridGames wants to tell the jungler hero who has the task to finish off creeps forest, kill archer until midlaner opponent.

Heroes with high mobility and accurate damage are needed in the composition of the team’s position.

Immediately, here are 3 heroes to fill in jungle best according to GridGames.

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1. Zill

Zill, Hero Arena of Valor

GridGames/ Teguh Wicaksana

Zill, Hero Arena of Valor

Skill 1 : Wind Blade – Zill throws his scythe forward, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in his path and reducing their Movement Speed ​​by {2}% for {3} seconds.

The scythe then flies back towards Zill and deals Magic Damage to all enemies in its path.

Skill 2 : Wind Shift – Zill moves to the target location and deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Ultimate : Tornado – Zill turns into a hurricane for 1.5 seconds and attacks enemies about 5 times, dealing Magic Damage per Hit.

Once the target is hit, the next hit deals only 40% damage.

Zill cannot be targeted or attacked while in wind form.

Passive : Dustdevil – When Zill’s Normal Attack deals damage to a target that has 3 marks, Wind Shift’s Cooldown is reset instantly, and the target will take additional Magic Damage. Zill’s normal attacks deal additional magic damage.

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