Must Have! This is the Painful Skill of 3 ‘Super Rare’ Heroes in Brawl Stars

Super Hero Rare Brawl Stars

Super Hero Rare Brawl Stars

GridGames.ID – Brawl Stars is a game mobile battle made by Supercell which is in great demand.

Games 3 vs. These 3 can be said to be really fun to play because of the awesome graphics and animations.

There are 6 types of heroes that you must have and know the skills and ultimatums that make you want to keep playing.

This time GridGames.ID will explore three heroes super rare in Brawl Stars:

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1. Ricochet

Ricochet, Hero Brawl Stars

Ricochet, Hero Brawl Stars

Ricochet is a super rare hero that can be obtained from pink treasure by collecting stars or buying them using gems.

Ricochet’s main skill is to shoot a rifle that can bounce on the wall and over time this skill will get bigger and extend the direction of the shot.

Ricochet’s shooting range includes a length of 9.67 and cooldown 1.2 seconds, so it’s really nice to play with friends.

Ricochet’s Ultimatum gives an even bigger gun with 80+ more damage.


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