Multiplayer and Free to Play Games Predicted to Dominate the Industry

Illustration, PUBGM mabar atmosphere

Amalia Septiyani

Illustration, PUBGM mabar atmosphere

GridGames.ID – The game industry in Indonesia continues to show significant developments.

In the last two years alone, the number of game players in the country has increased.

According to data NewzooIn 2022, Indonesia had 43.7 million game players.

Entering 2022, there was an increase in the number of game players to 52 million people.

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Then last year, the number of game players in Indonesia was reported by various parties to have reached 100 million people.

Of the many game players in Indonesia, it turns out that there is one genre that is most in demand, namely multiplayer games.

For those who don’t know, multiplayer games are types of games that allow players to play together with other people at the same time.

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The high interest in multiplayer games in Indonesia is certainly not without reason.

Agate Games CEO, Arief Widhiyasa revealed that of the total top 100 most developed games in Indonesia, 85% are controlled by multiplayer games.


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