MSC 2022 Day 1 Results: EVOS Legends Easy Win, BTR Alpha Keok

EVOS Legends MSC 2022


EVOS Legends MSC 2022

GridGames.ID – The MSC 2022 Mobile Legends Tournament finally officially started on Monday (7/6).

Two representatives of Indonesia, EVOS Legends and Bigetron Alpha, reaped different results on the first day of the event.

EVOS Legends vs Sword

EVOS Legends who are members of group B face off against the representative of Malaysia, Todak.

Clover and his friends managed to win the match with a convincing score of 2-0.

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Game 1 went surprisingly well. Playing without Luminaire and REKT EVOS Legends is still able to show great games.

Even when the match entered the 8th minute, EVOS Legends was already 30-1 ahead in terms of kill points.

LJ, who replaced REKT, played well in game 1. Using Hilda, her movements often troubled the opponent.

Game results 1 EVOS Legends vs Sword MSC 2022.

YouTube/MPL Indonesia

Game results 1 EVOS Legends vs Sword MSC 2022.

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