MPLI 4 Nation Cup schedule starts today!

MPLI 4 Nation Cup Schedule Starts Today! Can the Indonesian Team Show Off Their Country’s Fame? Moonton Returns to Entertain Indonesian Esports Enthusiasts Amid the Global Corona Outbreak I have come. Indonesia’s name is once again scented in a tournament in which four countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar, participated through the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational 4 Nation Cup (MPLI) as well as entertainment.

The tournament is divided into three stages, two qualifying rounds and one playoff. In the qualifying round, 12 teams will be divided into 3 groups and the top 4 teams from each group will compete. In the playoffs, eight teams will compete for the championship title. The RRQ and EVOS teams will soon become the MPL Indonesia Season 5 champions and runners-up. A total of 17 teams are ready to participate in this tournament.

Today, the Indonesian team is at the heart of the top caste of the Mobile Legends League. In fact, Indonesia has been the king of mobile legends since the EVOS team won the Mobile Legends World Cup (M1) last year. Not only that, but at the tournament, which was attended by more than 10 countries, the final match of Indonesia where EVOS and RRQ came together was held. Muhammad Ridwan, one of the key players on the EVOS team, said the tournament was not a matter of prizes.

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“To participate in international competitions and represent Indonesia means that we Don’t think gift.This is a question pride, How can we be proud of Indonesia, “said a Mobile Legends player with the nickname Evos Wann in Jakarta on Thursday (18/6).

The MPL Invitational Qualifying Round will begin tomorrow on Friday, June 19th and end on June 28th. Meanwhile, the playoffs will be held for three consecutive days starting July 3, 2022, with a total prize pool of over Rp1 billion. Again, money is not the only thing.

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I can’t wait to see the performance of the Indonesian team. How do I watch the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup? The event will be streamed live on a variety of platforms, including Nimo Tv, EGG Network, Genflix, Vidio, RCTI +, Youtube MPL Indonesia, and MPL Indonesia’s Facebook page.

“As an official livestreaming platform, Nimo TV is pleased to be back in the success of the MPLI tournament. This is a form of our commitment to providing quality shows and continuing to educate eSports activists. In addition, Nimo TV will entertain viewers with various benefits such as epics, legend skins and diamonds by participating in in-app match prediction events. It is warmly welcomed and the ML-ers skin collection We hope to be added to, “said Toby, head of Nimo TV Indonesia.

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