MPL ID Season 6 Week 7 Schedule, Exciting Week!

The schedule for Week 7 of MPL ID Season 6 is currently the most exciting week of MPL ID Season 6.

After completing Week 6 yesterday, we will immediately move on to Week 7, which begins September 25-27, 2022.

Currently, all competing teams are busy finalizing their strategies to perform very well in the later MPL ID Season 6 playoffs.

However, some other teams, Aura Fire and Geek Fam, were unable to participate in the playoffs due to their very high negative points.

But apart from that, the whole game was very exciting last week in the sixth week.

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ONIC vs. AE Match 2

In particular, the match between Onic eSports and Alter Ego will determine the top team in the MPL ID Season 6 ranking.

The match was fierce, even though Alter Ego managed to win with a fairly convincing score of 2-0.

On top of that, RRQ performance improved and other matches were also very exciting, including Evos Legends, who lost 2-0 to Genflix Aerowolf.

Based on the current schedule, the 7th week match will certainly be much more exciting as it will be the toughest week in MPL.

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Below is the match schedule for the 7th week of MPL ID Season 6. You can open it from the official MPL website or view the photo. Spin esports Provided below!

MPL Season 6 Week 7 Schedule

  • Friday, September 25, 2022: GFLX vs Alter Ego – 15.30 WIB. Bigetron Alpha vs Onic eSports – 18.30 WIB.
  • Saturday, September 26, 2022: Geek Fam vs. Aura Fire – 13.00 WIB. Alter Ego vs Evos Legends – 15.30 WIB. RRQ Hoshi vs Bigetron Alpha – 18.30 WIB.
  • Sunday, September 27, 2022: GFLX vs. RRQ Hoshi – 15.30 WIB. Onic eSports vs Evos Legends – 18.30 WIB.

Week 7 has so many big matches that this week is a must-see for Indonesian Mobile Legends fans.

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Apart from that, in the 7th week there are a lot of exciting matches to watch as the results determine the team’s position in the standings.

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