MPL ID Season 6 Week 3 Evos vs Onic Match Prediction!

This is the forecast for the upcoming Week 3 MPL ID Season 6 Evos vs. Onic match!

Before MPL ID Season 6 Week 3 Schedule Was officially announced a few days ago, and this week marks the toughest week for Evos Legends.

They need to experience two games with the currently rising team: Bigetron Alpha and Onic eSports.

Especially if this match is against Onic eSports, which will be your favorite match in the third week of MPL ID Season 6.

Evos Legends has a history of encountering Onic, which is another revenge for Onic eSports to win the match later.

For that, many predict the outcome of the match between Boss Legend and Onic esports, Spin esports I also have my own expectations.

On August 28, 2022, there will be a 10th duel between two large teams of Mobile Legends.

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Evos vs Onic MPL ID Season 6

Spin esports Make some predictions about the match between these two big Mobile Legends teams.

Evos Legends Victory

Our first prediction is that Evos Legends could win. One of the reasons is that you can win in the side lanes guarded by Antimage and Buts.

Onic eSports Victory

Onic eSports also has a chance to win if they can lock Rekt’s movements as a motor for Evos Legends’ attacks.


In fact, it’s very difficult to predict the outcome of a match between these two teams, depending on who played badly and who took advantage of each other’s mistakes.

However, the above points can be used as a benchmark to predict the outcome of the Evos vs. Onic match in later MPL ID Season 6.

Again, this is just a prediction by us (SPIN Esports) and whether it is true depends on the circumstances of the upcoming match.

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