MPL ID Season 6: Playoffs (Grand Final) Results: Will RRQ beat Alter Ego?

MPL ID Season 6 Playoffs Results: RRQ wins title after defeating Alter Ego in the final! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 playoffs have reached their final day.

If there are two teams fighting to death in the final round, they are RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego.

RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego

RRQ Hoshi Vs Alter Ego Match 1

Final result of MPL season 6 RRQ alter ego
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The first game started with the aggressive game shown by Alter Ego since the early game, thanks to Yi Sun-sin (Celiboy) and Barats (Pai) who were very crazy about this early game.

Ling (Albert) in Game 1 can’t do anything because the movement was so blocked by Alter Ego players who were very active in the game from the beginning.

In the 15th minute, Alter Ego was able to secure Game 1 with a score of 1-0.

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RRQ Star vs Alter Ego Match 2

Final result mpl season 6rrq alter ego
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RRQ Hoshi, who was catching up to play very aggressively in Game 2, really took revenge in Game 1 with the main motor of the attack led by Lancelot (Albert).

However, other RRQ Hoshi players also played very well in Game 2. In particular, I used Eudora, Lemon’s surprise pick that was able to stop the movement of Ling (Celiboy).

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Even RRQ Hoshi, who is too strong in Game 2, can defeat Alter Ego in less than 12 minutes. This is a very aggressive and fast game by RRQ Hoshi players.

RRQ Star VS Alter Ego Match 3

MPL Season 6 Final Results RRQ Alter Ego
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In Game 3, both teams played very safely without making a few mistakes. Roger (Celiboy) and Ling (Albert) have been very successful as the main core of each team in these three games.

However, Ling (Albert) seems to be playing much better and looks very loose and aggressive early in the game with damage and nimble movements.

The result is similar to Game 2, where RRQ Hoshi won the match within 12 minutes and RRQ scored 2-1.

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RRQ Star vs Alter Ego Match 4

Final result of MPL season 6 RRQ alter ego
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The fight was very fierce in Game 4, which happened through a match in which both teams played very neatly, disciplined and objectively.

But the biggest difference in Game 4 is Yu Zhong. His game is really great in Game 4. It’s also very annoying for RRQHoshi players.

After a long match in Game 4, Alter Ego finally caught up and removed Yu Zhong (Ahmad) from the match’s MVP, scoring 2-2.

RRQ Hoshi Vs Alter Ego Match 5

Final result mpl season 6rrq alter ego
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Match 5 was also the last match. Both teams played very disciplined in this game, and both exchanged kills, goals, and aggressive games.

In fact, the two teams were very strong and the match lasted more than 40 minutes.

However, after a long battle, he finally won the RRQ star with a score of 3-2.

Finally, after a long battle at the Best of Five (BO5), RRQ was able to secure its position as the winner of MPL ID Season 6.

This is the result of the final round of MPLID Season 6 that brings together Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi.

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