MPL ID S7: Genflix Aerowolf Successfully Conquered The King, RRQ Hoshi!

GridGames.ID – The third week of the MPL ID S7 Tournament, the third day presents a fierce match between Genflix Aerowolf vs RRQ Hoshi.

Genflix Aerowolf surprisingly managed to beat RRQ Hoshi with a score of 2-1.

Genflix Aerowolf’s victory managed to silence all negative comments that said they didn’t deserve to go to the rounds playoffs MPL ID S7.

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The first game took place strictly from the early minutes.

In the early game, Freedo from Genflix Aerowolf managed to do several things pickoff against RRQ Hoshi players.

After dominating early games, Genflix managed to get the lord and was able to finish off the turret inhibitor RRQ Hoshi.

RRQ Hoshi got up in the mid-game, but due to Vynn’s miscalculation, RRQ had to lose the third lord.

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