More Viral! This is a collection of TikTok Artists in Indonesia

TikTok is an application that is being used or talked about a lot because in addition to Funny videos that you can download without a watermark from TikTok, it turns out that you can also earn money from TikTok, guys.

Even though it was considered as an application that destroys the younger generation, now it is the opposite, TikTok is now favored by many audiences, so it is not uncommon to find videos on other social media applications made by the TikTok application.

Well, this time Smart Tips will discuss about TikTok Artists who are currently viral on social media. Who are the artists? Let’s watch it to the end!

These are the famous TikTok Artists on Social Media!

Surely you are already familiar with TikTok celebrities or artists who now dominate social media and even the television world. Here are the famous TikTok artists on social media.

1. Prabowo Mandardo

Surely you are already familiar with this name, guys, Prabowo Mandardo or what we usually call Bowo Alpenlieble because Bowo himself often appears on Indonesian television and you must see him often.

Well, let’s just go ahead and watch the latest TikTok video from bowo.

2. Gabriella

A TikTok account named @borassaem This has unique content, guys. If we usually see TikTok artists as just dancing or lipsyncing, Borassaem himself chose to create educational content.

The account from borassaem itself often uploads how to learn Korean in a fun way, guys, let’s just watch the video from borassaem.

3. Agorivall

The next TikTok artist is Agorivall, guys. TikTok account named @agorival98 himself is one of the K-Popers who presents a lot of creative content and of course entertains his followers. Agorivall is also one of the K-Pop celebgrams or Influencers who have reached 913 thousand on Instagram.

Let’s just watch funny TikTok videos from Agorivall.

4. Debrisumule

The next TikTok artist is the owner of a TikTok account named @debrisumule who also has 550 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Surely many of you are already familiar with this one celebgram, guys, because debrisumule often makes interesting and creative content. Go ahead, guys, watch an interesting video from debrisumule!

5. Adhisty Azahra

Who doesn’t know this former JKT48 member? Adhisty has become known to the general public since he starred in the film Dilan, guys. Later, Adhisty was increasingly praised for his acting skills when he became an actor in well-known cinema films such as the film Two Blue Lines, Queen of Black Science, Cemara Family and Mariposa.

Well, in the midst of his busy life, it turns out that Adhisty also takes the time to play TikTok with an account called @zaraanih lol guys. Let’s watch Adhisty’s TikTok video with Angga Yunandha.

6. Lulalahfah

The next TikTok artist is Lulahlahfah. Lula has become a Beauty Influencer and has even appeared on Indonesian television shows several times. Well, besides that, Lula is also one of the TikTok artists with an account called @lulalhfh who likes to upload videos on other social media applications.

Here’s a TikTok video from Lulalahfah showing the beauty of Lula even though she’s wearing a face mask, guys!

7. Geraldytan

Just like Agorivall, Geraldytan is also a celebgram or K-Pop Influencer who entertains his 493,000 followers with lots of funny and interesting TikTok content. With a TikTok account called @geraldytann, Geraldy is known for his very smooth editing skills. In addition, Geraldytan is also known for his videos that are creative and quite entertaining.

Let’s just look at this funny video from Geraldytan.

8. Cleo Venna

The next TikTok artist is Cleo Venna who is also an FTV artist, guys. Her beautiful face and dimples that are the hallmark of Cleo also make Cleo attract the attention of many netizens.

The video uploaded by the TikTok account owner named @clowyestrop13 is also widely loved by the general public, so Cleo is now a well-known TikTok artist. Here’s a video of Cleo Venna that can make you melt because of her smile, let’s watch it!

9. Sunny Dahye

SunnyDahye is a TikTok Artist as well as a celebrity from Korea who is very fluent in Indonesian, guys. SunnyDahye is known as an Influencer who often tells how her daily life is in Korea and how the cultures in Korea are.

SunnyDahye is loved by many people, especially K-Pop fans, guys. Well, let’s just see the video from the TikTok account owner named @sunnyandchris this.

10. Marion Jola

Marion Jola became known when she participated in the Indonesian Idol talent search event, guys. Now Marion is also one of the artists who use the TikTok application to entertain her fans.

This TikTok account named @marionjola bewitches his fans with a beautiful and adorable face in every uploaded video. Let’s just watch a video from Marion Jola that will make you love her smile!

So, that’s it, guys, some TikTok artists in Indonesia who may be familiar to you. Among the artists above, which one is your favourite, guys? Write in the comments column yes!

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