More Scary! This is the Sickest Build Natalia Mobile Legends 2022

GridGames.ID – After being revamped in May 2022, Natalia is now one of the heroes that must be banned when draft picks in Rank Mode.

The Assassin hero role in Mobile Legends is revamped for his ultimate skill called The Hunt.

Natalia can now activate Assassin Instinct (passive skill) and enter Stealth Mode.

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Her ultimate skill can now strengthen her Basic Attack and increase Natalia’s Physical Attack for a few seconds.

In addition to the ultimate skill, Natalia’s passive skill (Assassin Instinct) is also re-optimized which can provide additional damage when attacking from behind.

That’s why Natalia is now even more scary.

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However, Natalia will not be scary if you use the wrong build item while playing.

In order not to be mistaken, GridGames will tell you about the sickest Natalia Mobile Legends 2022 build, which you can see below.


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